If you're reading this you have a bomb new website and are now a part of the #TribeAlum. Congrats! With that comes some responsibility, yea? Yea! Here you'll learn the absolute basics of maintaining your brand from the back-end. 

Each #palmtreepanel links to a specific tutorial that will show you step by step (day by dayyy) what you need to know. These come straight from our beloved platform, Squarespace. In other words-they are foolproof! Below each #palmtreepanel is a grey box that explains exactly what you can hope to learn in that section. Easy, right? Before we begin...


We want to hear all about your experience getting creative with us! By clicking below you're gifting us with 5 minutes of your time to leave some bits of feedback and, if you'd like, a #realtalk testimonial. We sure would appreciate any info you are willing to share! You live, you learn (thanks Alanis, sing it girl!) and we're all about continuing to do just that...with your help. 

It's your turn to take the lead! If you haven't already done soon, please accept the invite sent to your email address. Now *drumroll* you can create a user account so you're able to get started!

There's no place like...HOME. The home menu is the central location for all admin areas of your Cover Page, Website, or Commercestore. It's visible as soon as you log in. It's a grey panel located to the left of your site preview.

By now you have lots to share, so let's get you sharing it! This section covers a whole bunch of juicy info, don't miss out. #GETBLOGGING

Have a cool product you want to push? Speaking arrangement coming up? Trying to get some eyeballs on your latest style guide? Okay okay okay...let us introduce you to one hell of a friend, the announcement bar. He's bold. He's beautiful. He's ready to share your message...at the very top of ye ol' website! 

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 5.56.46 PM.png

"WHO IS LOOKING AT MY SITE?" you may ask in the late hours of the evening, after your third glass of red. We get it. Squarespace Metrics is a built-in analytics platform that gives you insight into visitor activity on your sites. Metrics records site data for all Squarespace sites and paves the way for more sophisticated tracking methods. By exploring Metrics, you can learn how visitors discover your site and what they do once they're there.


Ask away. We'd love to help clarify anything you don't see answered above prior to our next phone call!


  • If you're ever interested in seeking support on a different topic, a great place to search for other tutorials is this page, where you can create a custom search or browse by topic.
  • Additionally, aside from utilizing THE TRIBE (ping us whenenver!), Squarespace customer support is amazing... you can open a ticket with any questions you're unable to answer via tutorials and generally you will hear back within 24 hours.